USI Getting Started

STAGE 1 is to Register as a Customer and an Affiliate and set Automatic ReBuy Options

Follow the link your Sponsor sent you

Steps 1 to 5 (Click Slide Show To Open)

STAGE 2 – Set Up and Fund Coinbase Account and a Cryptopay Wallet

Both are useful but if you intend to start USI with 12 packets (recommended) or more we suggest funding your Cryptopay Wallet. Less than this fund your Coinbase Account,

Sign Up To Coinbase HERE

Sign Up To Coinbase

Follow the steps to create your Coinbase account and buy Bitcoins to the value of what you intend to place into USI plus around 10% to allow for fees etc.

When you have Bitcoins in your Coinbase account you may transfer them to your USI wallet to USI to buy your packs.

Create Your Cryptopay Wallet HERE

STAGE 3Purchase Packages in your USI Account

Return to your USI Dashboard

Steps 1 to 5 (Click Slide Show To Open)


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