How To Buy Packs using Coinbase & Gdax with No Network fees

*NOTE: To eliminate a transfer fee, set up a free account at You may have to verify your GDAX/Coinbase account to use them, but it is worth having NO transfer fees.

1. Start in Coinbase. Go to Buy.

2. On the side with your currency, enter the amount you want to buy-the BTC side will fill in automatically. (I suggest at least $65-$70 (USD) per pack to be sure to cover the credit card fee to buy. It’s better to be slightly over, than under- if there is extra it will go to your wallet. If you are only buying 1 pack, definitely go for $70.)

3. Click [Buy Bitcoin] at the bottom and continue to get to the screen saying you purchased successfully.

4. Go to your GDAX account. On the left click on [Deposit], then where it says [Deposit Funds] click on [Coinbase Account].

5. Enter the amount you want to send over. (It will show your balance and you can send it all if you want.)

6. Then click on [Withdraw] from the left of GDAX. Then [BTC Address].

7. Leave the GDAX screen open and login to your USI account (on a new window) and go to the [dashboard].

8. Click [Package Options].

9. Then select [place order].

10. Select [purchase] under the BTC Package. (Be 100% sure you are on BTC package and didn’t scroll too far to tokens.)

11. For package options, select [a BTC wallet].

12. Select the amount of packs you are buying.

13. Agree to the terms and conditions and click purchase to
move to the next screen. (You should be on a page with a timer counting down.)

14. Copy the long wallet code.

15. Leave this screen open and go back to GDAX.

16. For the BTC address, paste the wallet code you have copied.

17. For the amount, enter the amount of the [Grand Total] from the USI page

18. Click [Get code] so they can text you the confirmation code to confirm.

19. Click [Withdraw Funds] at the bottom. Your bitcoin should now be on the way.

20. It will take a couple hours for your packs to show up. This is normal. You will get an email once it is approved. Watch for your pack(s) to show as approved under the package status tab. You will also see it under the BTC packs on your dashboard in USI, but the dashboard takes longer to update- that is normal too.

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