Bitcoin Promoter USI-Tech Hit With Emergency Order

Bitcoin PROMOTER – Hit With Emergency Order

Don’t be misled by headlines! While this may seem worrying to anyone considering investing in Bitcoins the reverse is true. The point of this order is to stop “Promoters” miss-selling and only that. It is not aimed at USI, just 2 individuals promoting their programme. 

The video below puts the  matter into perspective and if the headline disturbed you, don’t be, it shows you why you should not be concerned.

Bitcoin Promoter USI-Tech Hit With Emergency Order

Dec 20 2017
Texas Securities Commissioner Travis J. Iles entered an Emergency Cease and Desist Order Dec. 20 against USI-Tech Limited, an overseas firm that is promising low-risk, triple-digit returns from investments tied to Bitcoin mining.

The enforcement staff of the State Securities Board presented evidence to the Securities Commissioner that USI-Tech, based in Dubai, and two U.S.-based sales agents are soliciting investors in dozens of Texas cities through targeted craigslist advertisements, YouTube videos, and standalone websites.

More can be seen here

If this worries you – Don’t Worry 

This video clarifies the situation and makes sense of what’s happening.

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